The following points have been set out as guidelines to ensure safe working practices, and to protect the health and safety of our staff, customers and general public.


Rodenticide Baits: Bait boxes and bait stations are tamper resistant and require a key to open, however under no circumstances must you attempt to gain access to the bait inside or re-locate boxes from where our technician has placed them.

WARNING: Rodenticides are a form of poison and may be harmful to your health if tampered with or mis-handled!


Insecticide Sprays: During a spray treatment our technicians will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Under no circumstances should you enter the area being treated without receiving clearance from the technician.

If post-treatment health & safety instructions are given to you they must be adhered to.

WARNING: Some insecticide sprays have a residual effect and can remain active in the treated area for some time!


Fogging and Smoke Generators: These methods of treatment are carried out using very strict guidelines. Therefore, under no circumstances must anyone other than the technician be in the area being treated, this includes adjacent rooms and close proximity. The rooms are not to be re-entered for the period of time specified by the technician, this can be anything up to 4 hours.


WARNING: Although after treatment the fog or smoke is visible this will disperse after a period of time, however it remains airbourne for sometime and will be harmful to your health if you are exposed to this.



We follow a strict Health, Safety & Environment Policy, which we implement to protect our staff, customers and the general public. We take every precaution possible to ensure that the risks of using pesticides and harm to the environment are minimised by only using them when considered absolutely necessary.


Redbridge Environmental Solutions Pest Control supports a minimal use of pesticides policy and where practical will always consider the use of non-pesticide methods to reduce Environmental Impacts and risk of harm to wildlife,


Think Wildlife !

If Insecticides or Rodenticides are used we ensure that any excess is disposed of appropriately within pesticide regulations.

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