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At one time or another, most households will find themselves to be the victims of an ant infestation. Whether in the garden or in the home, ants present a rather interesting challenge when it comes to pest control. Black, red, winged, or fire ants can create extensive tunnels making the nest large enough that home remedies simply do not work.

Some ants bite, leaving welts and sharp stinging on the skin. It can be extremely painful to find biting ants on your body as they tend to travel closer together than non-biting ants. In an effort to find food to sustain a growing colony, spring time sets scout ants on the path. Their job is to find a suitable food source and then bring other worker ants to help carry it back. During this period you are most likely to find you have an infestation.

Entire colonies can be built underground.


The main entrance to the nest may be under a rotting log or a large stone. Keeping the main entrance hidden is a survival technique. The tunnels can extend under your home even if the main entrance is rather removed from the house. During the spring food hunting season, a scout or a group of worker ants can literally bore through masonry in their quest for sustainable food sources.


Generally speaking, consumer products that can be found for purchase are not powerful enough for a large colony. The ant that goes into a trap, picks up the poison, and heads back to the nest may not make it all the way through an extensive tunnel system. A growing colony will close off the tunnel and create a new one. Sprays that are sold are generally not going to take out a whole colony, even if you find the main entrance. The entire system is designed for survival.


Often you need a professional to deal with large colonies. A technician that is well versed in ant behavior and movement patterns will come to your home and discover the entirety of the nest. Once the size of the nest is discovered, the technician will be able to spray a strong pesticide in multiple areas that will infiltrate the whole colony. When dealing with a particularly massive colony more than one visit will be made. The technician will work with you to ensure the Health & safety of all companion animals and children during the treatment period.


Once the treatment is complete, the technician will then be able to perform a property assessment to help safeguard against future invasions. The well trained eye will be able to spot potential main entrance locations as well as help you avoid leaving behind scents that may attract scouts. The property assessment will give you the knowledge you need to help avoid any future problems.

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