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Do you have a problem with bedbugs in your London (or surrounding areas) home, business or hotel? We can help you if you’re looking for a bedbug removal service in London, we can help stop bedbugs taking over your life.

Redbridge Environmental Solutions can provide the most up-to-date chemical and bed bug heat treatments. Our standard treatment is an approach that uses the latest chemical and non-toxic ingredients to give the best possible and quickest results.


What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a parasite, the insect feeds on warm blooded animals and humans. Often bed bugs live in and around your bed and are mainly nocturnal which is where they get their name.


Fully grown bed bugs are of an oval shape, flat- or ballooned in shape depending how long ago their last feed was, their colour ranging from brown to red. When a bed bug has not recently fed their body is vertically flattened and because of this they can fit in to the smallest of crevices. When the infestation is heavy you will notice a smell that they give off, similar in the smell of marzipan/ almonds. Their ventral thorax produces chemicals that create this musty smell.

Bed bugs mate by traumatic insemination which is where the male (with a more pointed abdomen- although very hard to distinguish) will quite literally inseminate the female by puncturing her abdomen and injecting the sperm.

A bed bug will feed for up to 15 minutes. Bed bugs will regularly excrete whilst feeding which accounts for blood spots on bedding, these can often look black but this is actually the blood after it has passed through the bed bugs system. If you do not see blood spots on your bed this DOES NOT mean you do not have a problem as a bedbug is estimated to leave these signs only up to 20% of the time.


How Would I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

The main sign is that your are being bitten!

You may also see small dots on your bed, like poppy seeds; black and white these are droppings/ eggs respectively. You may also find red rashes on your body or blood smears on your bed sheets.


How do i Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

You need to strip your bed and wash all sheets, duvets, pillows, etc on a hot wash (60+ degrees).

Then call in Redbridge Environmental Solutions, we will be able to carry out a treatment usually same or next day. It is recommended that you leave your house for 4hrs after to allow the treatment to settle and dry or not to use the room where infestation is located for the same period of time.


When you call Redbridge Environmental Solutions Pest Control they will tell you how to prepare your house, ready for their arrival. This will involve clearing the floor area of belongings, emptying under bed storage and stripping your bed sheets from all beds.


So, for Bed Bug problems call Redbridge Environmental Solutions pest Control Today on 0800 107 6064 for immediate advice and response.


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