Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Redbridge Environmental Solutions & Harlow Environmental Solutions Ltd makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this site or its contents and disclaims all such representations and warranties. In addition,
Redbridge Environmental Solutions & Harlow Environmental Solutions Ltd makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the information and related graphics published in this site. The information contained in this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All liability of  Redbridge Environmental solutions / Harlow Environmental Solutions howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

This statement applies to http://www.respestcontrol.com www.hespestcontrol.com and all websites and URL's controlled or operated by www.respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com which link to this policy, unless otherwise specified, and is effective from the date set forth above and it is your responsibility to review any updated and revised statements that may be posted from time to time.

Collecting and Using Personal Information Data Protection

Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com is registered with the Data protection agency.

When you visit and navigate our sites and when you communicate with us via our sites, we will not collect personal information about you unless you provide us that information voluntarily. Any non-public personal information that you may provide via our site will be used solely for the purpose stated on the page where it is collected. (In some cases and in all cases where required by law or regulation, you will be able to update the information that you provide to us either by sending us an email or, where you have established personal profiles with us, by updating your profile online. Please refer to the specific pages where data is collected for more information.) Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com will not sell, license, transmit or disclose this information outside of Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com and its affiliated companies unless (a) expressly authorised by you, (b) necessary to enable Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com  contractors or agents to perform certain functions for us, or (c) required or permitted by law. In all cases, we will disclose the information consistent with applicable laws and regulations and we will require the recipient to protect the information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.

By "personal information," we mean data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, or telephone number. From time to time, we may request personal information from you at our sites in order to deliver requested materials to you, respond to your questions, or deliver a product or service.

Monitoring, Feedback, Ratings, Reviews and Testimonials

We collect feedback from consumers regarding the conduct and performance of Pest Control members who have completed work for them, either, electronically by emailing a form containing predetermined questions and space for any additional comments, or, by completing a paper form provided directly by the Pest Controller (this is also available from Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com directly). In addition to this we monitor members to ensure compliance with our Codes of Practice and welcome general feedback and testimonials. Consumers (i.e. customers) and member's comments and testimonials regarding our service and system are also welcomed. When you provide such feedback, you consent to our use, publication and/or distribution of such feedback at no compensation to you, and if you are a Trade member in our system, you acknowledge that all such feedback, ratings and reviews are solely owned by Respestcontrol.com & Hespestcontrol.com and you consent to the publication of this information about you and your business.

· 1 . Respestcontrol take no liability from any damage caused to furniture or goods made by pests by vermin, Insects, Birds prior to our first inspection.

· 2. Respestcontrol take no responsibility for damage caused to any furniture or goods made by pests by vermin, insects, Birds during any treatment.

· 3. If the treatment should fail we can either  (1) issue a full refund. In this case we will cease any future treatments with the client. Or We could offer a return visit to treat the property to re treat for the original pest only. This will happen within 6 -  8 weeks after the last treatment.

· 4. We can not be held responsible for pests such as insects  or vermin entering your property before, during, after treatments. This can happen by way of open windows, drains, sinks, bottom of shoes, baggage, boxes, shopping etc. This is out of the pest control companies responsibility. We will always give recommendations as to help prevent this but it will always fall under the responsibility of the client.

· 5. All Chemicals we use are regulated and are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Chemicals we use are safe when used in accordance with the label. No chemical we use will damage furniture or fittings.

· 6. Respestcontrol make no guarantee that the treatment will be 100% successful. Treatments are only successful if the client completes the recommendations we advise. If re-infestation is present and recommendations have not been followed after our inspection, We will advise client and offer a new treatment programme and this is chargeable or withdraw our services.

· 7. Respestcontrol do not acknowledge any claim for compensation for damage caused by pests either vermin, Insects, Birds.

· 8. We will identify the pest type prior to treatments and agree this with the client. If origin or species of pest cannot be easily identifiable we will use a generic pest control  treatment to cover the majority of either crawling of flying insects.



1. Late payments

You can claim interest and debt recovery costs if another business is late paying for goods or a service.

If you haven’t already agreed when the money will be paid, the law says the payment is late after 30 days for public authorities and business transactions after either:

· the customer gets the invoice or

· you deliver the goods or provide the service (if this is later)



You can agree a longer period for payments from one business to another - but if it’s longer than 60 days it must be fair to both businesses.


2. Interest on late payments

The interest you can charge if another business is late paying for goods or a service is ‘statutory interest’ -

this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business to business transactions. You can’t claim statutory interest if there’s a different rate of interest in a contract.

Check the current Bank of England base rate and previous rates.

Send a new invoice if you decide to add interest to the money you’re owed.


3. Claim debt recovery costs on late payments

You can also charge a business a fixed sum for the cost of recovering a late commercial payment on top of claiming interest from it. The amount you’re allowed to charge depends on the amount of debt.

Amount of Debt                            What we charge

up to £999.99                                     £40

£1000 to £9999.99                              £70

£10000 or more                                  £100


These amounts are set by late payment legislation. If you are a supplier or offer services, you can claim reasonable costs in Recovering of debt owed. As per www.gov.uk/late payments






Disclaimer- Customer

The Company relies on Customers to specify and describe their Job requirements. The Company makes no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided by the Customer.

The Company makes no guarantee to refer any jobs to a Pest Controller.

As the Customer retains the right to modify or withdraw its job in the absence of a contract or other binding agreement with a Pest Controller, the Company makes no warranty as to the availability or suitability of a specific job.

As a pest controller, you must ensure that you are legally able to tender for a job. In addition, you must ensure that you are legally able to perform the work specified in the job description.

The Company is not party to any contract made between the customer and the Pest Controller in relation to a specific job. Accordingly shall not be liable to the Pest Controller for any occurrence resulting from the introduction of the customer to the Pest Controller including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential or inconsequential loss of any kind suffered by the Pest Controller howsoever arising.




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