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Redbridge Environmental Solutions Pest Control offer FREE site inspections to all building affected by pigeons and pigeon excrement in the London area, if an estimated quote is required we would be happy to do so if the relevant specifications and photos are sent through to us at info@respestcontrol.com

Pigeons are the most commonly seen pest in London and are responsible for costing millions of pounds of damage to properties each year. The feral pigeon can hatch up to three broods a year with two eggs in the clutch being the norm. The feral Pigeon is classed as vermin and they can pose a serious health risk to people, carrying a multitude of diseases and renowned for harbouring biting insects which include mites, they are also responsible for intestinal infections and respiratory problems.


Pigeon Control in London Areas

Bird proofing and bird deterrence systems have proven to be the most effective pest control procedures to be implemented to insure that pigeons do not nest, roost or perch on properties in London. Shooting and trapping although effective at the start of a treatment do not constitute an ongoing preventative measure as new flocks of pigeons quickly re-invest the old territories.

Anti-roosting spiking systems are deemed to be the most humane pest control procedures available as birds are not killed and instead pushed on to new areas. We feel that studying the pigeons before treatment is critical so that we can measure the size of the flock and understand their behaviour and pattern so that we can implement the appropriate preventative measures, this may include spiking, wire systems or netting.

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Spring wire systems for properties in London

A spring wire system is an ideal alternative to anti-perch spiking and is ideally situated on window sills, ledges, gutters, shop front signs, along roof ridges and guard rails.

The spring wire system requires the use of fixed pivot points ,spring site, and a thin wire strand that is a fantastic preventive pigeon deterrent for residential and commercial properties in London.


Both humane and effective the wire post system has a primary use in building that require an aesthetic approach to pigeon and bird prevention.

Anti-perch spiking systems for birds in London, A point prevention system is the most common strategy in tackling the city wide problem of pigeon prevention. Supplied in both clear plastic and stainless steel the application and allocation of pigeon spiking can be suited to match the property whist insuring that an effective deterrent to pigeons, seagulls and other invasive bird species.

A free site inspection of all properties are carried out by one of our resident pigeon prevention specialists so that we can provide our clients with a solution to the bird problem.

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Netting and net prevention for pigeons in LondonAreas:

Pigeon netting is a fantastic strategy for pigeon deterrence in London and an ideal solution for properties with recessed structuring and architectural design. Clients often require a bird control solution whilst minimising visibility to the areas covered and with three different colour options we can find the perfect solution to suit the property.


Hygienic pigeon sanitation and cleaning in London Areas:

When populations of pigeon congregate on buildings it won’t be long until the excrement becomes noticeable and if left untreated can not only cause potential health risks but is also unsightly and can cause erosion to brickworks, roof tops, stairwells and fire exits.


A biological sanitation service is offered alongside professional deep cleaning to overall health and safety requirements.

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