Residential Pest Control Solutions for your Household

You want to ensure that it’s protected from unwanted intruders at all times. So the first sign of an infestation of pests in your home or garden is a real concern for you and your family.

With so many off-the-shelf treatments now available on the High Street, it can be tempting to initially try and handle the problem yourself. However in our experience (Redbridge Environmental Solutions technicians are called out every day to homes like yours where the DIY pest treatment option hasn’t worked) this can make the problem worse. What starts out as a small outbreak of pests can rapidly develop into a major outbreak if it’s not professionally treated.

Don’t worry! Experienced, friendly and reliable help is just a call away. Your London RES technician is part of a team with  experience in treating and eradicating infestations in homes just like yours. And after he or she has effectively treated your outbreak they will help you and your family with practical advice on what you can do to prevent a similar outbreak in the future. That’s real peace of mind.

Rest assured; nothing troubles your Redbridge Environmental Solutions technician because they have seen it all before and they always take enough time to identify and treat your outbreak thoroughly using our safe, powerful and effective treatments.

In the Greater London area we’re used to treating all manner and all size of pest outbreaks in people’s homes and gardens – from a wasps nest in the loft to an outbreak of rats in the garden to cockroaches or mice in the kitchen and an unwanted plague of flying insects.

For real peace of mind for you and your family please contact us today On 07722 603 557

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